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  JBCTC - Drag Racing 2006

Well we got to race this year. First race of the season was a cold
one. I didn't think we would make it cause of the rain, but we did.
I raced in Trophy/jackpot, and Barb raced in Street ET. Both times we
had to race against 12 second car - ugh. The car did not pass tech - I need
to weld in some sheet metal to separate the trunk from the cabin.
I will probably do that this weekend
I doubt we will race this Friday, seeing as how it is Monday, and I still need to weld in the
panels. Next race after that is May 26th - I dunno, we'll see. The car pulled a best
time of 15.914, but I stepped on the brake - because I thought I would breakout (which I did
Anyways - if you want to sponsor me, send me an email - I'll take any and all
sponsorships. Name you price - and we can slap a sticker on, or if you want a website
created, I can throw that in too. Email me and we can discuss.

Cost to Race
Link To Bandimere Speedway

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